CLEAR CARE® Rinse & Go™ rinsing solution for soft contacts lenses

RINSE & GO Solution

Give your lenses a quick, gentle rinse.

If you rinse your lenses after cleaning and disinfecting them, NEW CLEAR CARE® Rinse & Go™ Solution is made just for you. Brought to you by the brand you love, it’s formulated to be gentle on your eyes and give your lenses a rinse whether you’re at home or on the go.

The convenience and ease of CLEAR CARE®
Rinse & Go
make it perfect for:

  • For use after cleaning and disinfecting lenses with CLEAR CARE® and CLEAR CARE® PLUS
  • Quick, gentle rinse before lens wear
  • Formulated to be gentle on your eyes
  • Works with soft contact lenses
  • Promotes comfort

How to use
Rinse & Go:

  1. After you disinfect your lenses and before you insert them, you can rinse them with CLEAR CARE® Rinse & Go™ Solution. This will remove any disinfection/neutralization solutions, loosened debris or other particles remaining on your lenses.
  2. Remove the first contact from the lens case and thoroughly rinse both sides with CLEAR CARE® Rinse & Go™ Solution for 20 seconds, or until all traces of debris have been removed.
  3. Directly after rinsing, you can apply the contact lens to your eye.
  4. Repeat steps 1 through 3 with the second lens.