Solution FAQs

Got questions? We’ve got answers. Read what eye care experts have to say about common
CLEAR CARE® Solution* and CLEAR CARE® Rinse & Go® questions.

*“Solution” refers to both CLEAR CARE® and CLEAR CARE® PLUS, unless otherwise indicated

Immediately remove your lenses and wash your eyes with large amounts of water or sterile saline for a few minutes. If burning and/or irritation continues, call your eye care professional right away.

At least 6 hours or overnight. This allows the bubbling action of CLEAR CARE® and CLEAR CARE® PLUS Solution to clean your lenses thoroughly and for the peroxide in the solution to become neutralized—creating a gentle saline solution, just like your own tears.

CLEAR CARE® and CLEAR CARE® PLUS Solution need time to neutralize peroxide to a gentle saline solution—making it safe to insert your lenses. If you don't wait 6 hours, and insert your lenses too early, you may feel burning and stinging.

NO. CLEAR CARE® and CLEAR CARE® PLUS Solution should never be used to rinse lenses before you put them on your eyes. Otherwise, you’ll experience extremely unpleasant burning and stinging. Soak lenses in the special lens case for at least 6 hours before you insert them. If you want, lenses can be rinsed with
CLEAR CARE® Rinse & Go® Solution or a sterile saline solution before inserting, although it really isn’t necessary.

You can store lenses in an unopened CLEAR CARE® or CLEAR CARE® PLUS Solution lens case for up to 7 days. After 7 days, prior to wear, discard old solution and disinfect the lenses again.

Because there is no substitute. This lens case contains a unique neutralizing disc specially designed to neutralize the solution. It converts the powerful cleaning and disinfecting solution into a gentle saline solution, so it’s safe to put in your eyes after 6 hours.

Always throw away your CLEAR CARE® or
CLEAR CARE® PLUS Solution lens case with each new purchase of CLEAR CARE® or CLEAR CARE® PLUS Solution. A fresh lens case is included in each package of each solution. Always use the new lens case when you open a new package.

No. After your lenses have been cleaned, get rid of any excess solution left in the case and allow the case and lens basket to air dry. Rinse lens cup and holder with fresh CLEAR CARE® or CLEAR CARE® PLUS Solution and allow to air dry.

CLEAR CARE® and CLEAR CARE® PLUS are safe to use daily.

It will remove any residual dirt and debris particles that may have filtered down to the bottom of the case. Don’t rinse with water, however, because tap water could contain potential eye irritants and germs.

Use CLEAR CARE® Rinse & Go® or a sterile saline solution if you want to rinse. Always follow your eye doctor’s recommendation.

Yes. Both solutions are great for soft and rigid gas permeable (RGP) contact lenses. The HydraGlyde® Moisture Matrix in CLEAR CARE® PLUS makes it ideal for weekly and monthly silicone hydrogel lenses, such as AIR OPTIX®, PureVision^, Biofinity^ and ACUVUE^ brand contact lenses.

Yes, you can use it on RGP (hard) lenses. Click here to see how to use CLEAR CARE® PLUS with RGP lenses. Click here to see how to use CLEAR CARE® with RGP lenses.

After neutralization, lenses are left soaking in a gentle saline solution like your own tears, versus other solutions, which may leave behind residual preservatives or chemicals that can end up in your eye. Remember that CLEAR CARE® and CLEAR CARE® PLUS Solutions contain no added preservatives that may irritate eyes.

No. CLEAR CARE® AND CLEAR CARE® PLUS Solutions do not contain added preservatives.

It’s a proprietary wetting agent that moisturizes your lenses for long-lasting moisture and is specifically designed to work with today’s soft contact lenses.

Other peroxide solutions may look the same, but they are not CLEAR CARE®. Only CLEAR CARE® is the #1 doctor recommended hydrogen peroxide solution. Our exclusive Triple Action Cleaning formula and special case (with a platinum disc) provide patients with even the most sensitive eyes a pristine clean.

  • CLEAR CARE® PLUS is the only peroxide solution that has HydraGlyde® Moisture Matrix, which is a special wetting agent designed to recondition soft lenses and surround them with long-lasting moisture.
  • Both CLEAR CARE® and CLEAR CARE® PLUS offer nearly complete neutralization of peroxide, resulting in a gentle saline solution that is much like your natural tears.

Recommended and clinically proven for over a decade, CLEAR CARE® Solution is the #1 eye care professional-recommended peroxide lens care solution.

CLEAR CARE® and CLEAR CARE® PLUS solutions use hydrogen peroxide to help prevent eye infections by killing harmful germs and bacteria on contact lenses. CLEAR CARE® and CLEAR CARE® PLUS solutions work with a special lens case to create a bubbling action you can see that actively cleans and removes debris from your lenses so your lenses are clean and comfortable. CLEAR CARE® and CLEAR CARE® PLUS are also preservative-free which means no preservatives or chemicals from multi-purpose solutions enter your eyes, which could cause irritation.

CLEAR CARE® and CLEAR CARE® PLUS solutions have proprietary formulations that feature an active ingredient (a surfactant) with excellent lens surface cleaning properties.

The peroxide in CLEAR CARE® and CLEAR CARE® PLUS solutions penetrate the lens to provide deep cleaning, while the bubbling action helps remove protein deposits and other foreign particles.

CLEAR CARE® PLUS has the same cleaning power of CLEAR CARE®, but also contains a proprietary wetting agent called HydraGlyde® Moisture Matrix that reconditions soft lenses and surrounds them with long-lasting moisture.

No, CLEAR CARE® will still be available.

CLEAR CARE® Solution is available just about everywhere lens care products are sold. Look for CLEAR CARE® Solution at any local mass, drug, health or grocery retailer or online.

CLEAR CARE® PLUS will soon be available wherever CLEAR CARE® products are sold. Call our Customer Service number for details on when it will be at your local retailer.1-800-757-9195 or

CLEAR CARE® PLUS are meant to clean and disinfect your lenses. Rinse & Go® Solution is a saline solution meant to rinse your lenses after you clean and disinfect them with CLEAR CARE® or CLEAR CARE® PLUS, but before you insert the lens into your eye. It can also be used for temporary storage of soft lenses only.

No. It’s a saline solution that should be used for rinsing or temporarily storing your soft lenses only.

It’s best to use it right after you disinfect your lenses, but can also be used to store and rinse your lenses throughout the day.

CLEAR CARE® Rinse & Go® Solution is meant only for rinsing lenses after cleaning and disinfection. Multi-purpose solution can be used for cleaning, disinfecting and rinsing.

CLEAR CARE® Rinse & Go® is formulated to be gentle on the eye and does not contain the same preservatives found in other saline solutions.

You may store lenses for up to 30 days in the lens case. If lenses are stored for longer than 30 days in the CLEAR CARE® Rinse & Go® Solution, they must be cleaned and disinfected with CLEAR CARE® or CLEAR CARE® PLUS again before wearing.