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Got questions? We’ve got answers. Read what eye care experts have to say about common CLEAR CARE® Solution questions.

  • How is CLEAR CARE® Solution different from multi-purpose solutions?

    CLEAR CARE® Solution uses hydrogen peroxide to help prevent eye infections by killing harmful germs and bacteria on contact lenses. CLEAR CARE® Solution works with its special lens case to create a bubbling action which actively cleans and removes protein from your lenses so the lenses feel more comfortable.

  • How is CLEAR CARE® Solution different from other peroxide lens care solutions?

    Other peroxide cleaners may look the same, but our exclusive cleaning formula, special case and unique platinum disc provides patients with sensitive eyes pristine clean lenses and gentle comfort.

  • Which peroxide lens care system do most eye care professionals recommend?

    Recommended and proven for over a decade, CLEAR CARE® Solution is the #1 eye care professional-recommended peroxide lens care solution.1

  • Why do I have to use the lens case provided in the CLEAR CARE® Solution box?

    Because there is no substitute. This lens case contains a unique neutralizing disc specially designed to neutralize CLEAR CARE® Solution. It converts this powerful cleaning and disinfecting solution into a gentle saline solution, much like your own tears.

  • Why is CLEAR CARE® Solution well suited for sensitive eyes?

    After neutralization, lenses are left soaking in a gentle saline solution much like your own tears, versus other solutions, which may leave more residual chemicals. Remember that CLEAR CARE® Solution contains no added preservatives.

  • How can I be sure my contact lenses are clean enough?

    CLEAR CARE® Solution has a proprietary formulation that features an active ingredient (a surfactant) with excellent lens surface cleaning properties.

    The peroxide in CLEAR CARE® Solution penetrates the lens to provide deep cleaning, removing even protein deposits and other foreign matter.

  • Can CLEAR CARE® Solution be used with all types of soft contact lenses?

    Yes. CLEAR CARE® Solution is great for soft and gas permeable (GP) contact lenses. It’s ideal for weekly and monthly silicone hydrogel lenses, including AIR OPTIX®, PureVision^ and ACUVUE^ brand contact lenses.

  • Is it OK to use CLEAR CARE® Solution on hard lenses?

    CLEAR CARE® Solution is an ideal choice for soft and gas permeable (GP) contact lenses.

  • How long should I soak my lenses in CLEAR CARE® Solution?

    At least 6 hours or overnight. This allows the bubbling action of CLEAR CARE® Solution to clean your lenses thoroughly and for the disinfectant in CLEAR CARE® Solution to become neutralized—creating a gentle saline solution, much like your own tears.

  • Why do I have to wait 6 hours before I can wear my contacts lenses again?

    CLEAR CARE® Solution needs time to clean, disinfect and eventually neutralize to a gentle saline solution—making it safe to insert your lenses. If you don't wait 6 hours, and insert your lenses too early, you'll feel burning and stinging.

  • Can I rinse my lenses with CLEAR CARE® Solution before wearing them?

    NO. CLEAR CARE® Solution must never be used to rinse lenses prior to insertion. Soak lenses in the special lens case for at least 6 hours prior to insertion. Otherwise, burning and stinging will result. If desired lenses can be rinsed with a sterile saline solution before inserting.

  • What should I do if CLEAR CARE® Solution mistakenly gets into my eyes straight from the bottle?

    Immediately remove your lenses and flush (wash) your eyes with large amounts of water or sterile saline for a few minutes. If burning and/or irritation persist, seek assistance from an eye care professional.

  • Can I reuse CLEAR CARE® Solution?

    No. After your lenses have been cleaned, discard any excess solution left in the case and allow the case and lens basket to air dry. Rinse lens cup and holder with fresh CLEAR CARE® Solution and allow to air dry.

  • How long can I store my lenses in a CLEAR CARE® Solution lens case?

    You can store lenses in an unopened CLEAR CARE® Solution lens case for up to 7 days. After 7 days, discard the old solution and disinfect the lenses again.

  • When should I discard my CLEAR CARE® Solution lens case?

    Always dispose of your CLEAR CARE® Solution lens case with each new purchase of CLEAR CARE® Solution. A fresh lens case is included FREE in each package of CLEAR CARE® Solution. Always use the new lens case when you open a new package.

  • Where can I find CLEAR CARE® Solution?

    CLEAR CARE® Solution is available just about everywhere lens care products are sold. Look for CLEAR CARE® Solution at any local mass, drug, health or grocery retailer or online.

  • Does CLEAR CARE® Solution contain PHMB?

    No. CLEAR CARE® Solution does not contain PHMB.

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